In biological language, hip can be defined as a projection of a pelvis and upper thigh bone in each side of a body. However, in simpler words we can define hip as an areas below the waist and above the legs in either side of a body. Hip can be either known as an anatomical region or a joint. Each and every joint of a body plays an integral role in maintaining the mobility and stability of a body. Still some joints are so important that without their proper functioning, a person can have some serious health issues. Hip joint is one of the. In this article, we will be discussing about hip joint surgery and the need to consult a decent hip surgeon.

Hip surgery:

Hip joint is one of the body’s largest weights bearing joint as it is a place where pelvis meets the thigh bone and results in formation of ball and socket joint. It is the joint located between the femur and acetabulum. Like every other joint its main function is to connect two bones but it does not help in movement rather it supports the weight of a body both in static or stationary condition and in dynamic or in mobile condition.

Hip surgeon:

Hip surgeon is also knows as orthopedic surgeon who knows to prevent, diagnose and treat the any kind of bone or joint disorder. Some orthopedists are generalists and can operate every bone of a body while others socialize in certain parts only like hip surgeon or knee surgeon. 

The need to consult a hip surgeon:

Now the main question that arises is that when does a person need to consult a hip surgeon. If a person gets to experience the persistent hip pains which causes the hindrance in his daily routine work then this means a man needs to consult a hip surgeon. Another reason to consult a hip surgeon can be the stiffness that lasts for continuously more than thirty minutes. Moreover, if a person is already on medication prescribe by a doctor but still it is not giving a relief to a patient then he has to undergo a hip surgery. Other than these reasons, hip surgeon also needs to be consulted when a hip bone gets broken due to any unfortunate incident. Besides these reasons, the person suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteonecrosis needs to consult his hip surgeon. Go here for more information about anterior hip replacement.


Hip is that part of a body which bears the weight of pelvis region while connecting it with the thigh bone. It allows the legs to bend and move while dynamic as well as static condition. Hip surgeon is the orthopedic surgeon who specifically specializes in hip joint area. He knows to diagnose, treat and operate the hip bone. If a person gets to experience persistent pains or becomes a victim of any unfortunate accident then he needs to consult a hip surgeon. “David slattery” offers the best hip surgery services.