As a common person we label every legal person as a lawyer, which is not wrong either but there are some technicalities involved when it comes to actually avail the services of a legal person be it: a lawyer, a solicitor or any other legal person.

In general there is no significant difference between a solicitor and a conveyancer, intrinsically they are the same in nature; they take care of the legal work. In most of the countries a conveyancer is considered a legal person who takes care of buying and selling aspects of the real estate property, in UK a conveyancer are regulated by an official body generally known as the council. Generically, the fee structure of a conveyancer ranges from $ 800 to $ 1500 including taxes. Accordingly for the research and documentation work they charge accordingly. Real estate searches also labelled as conveyancing searches, are actually those researches and enquires which a solicitor make in order to figure out more information regarding the property one is planning to purchase. Overall in a buying process conveyancer is the person who do all the search and documentation work. A person needs to be licensed conveyancer one has to cross the council for licensed conveyancers (CLC) examination, with minimum 4 GCSEs grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) which includes English or English literature. Overall the time span to get the job done by the conveyancer starts from the order you give till the actual move into the house, which reasonably takes eight to twelve weeks. This is just approximation otherwise it may take few more weeks (vary from case to case).

It is pertinent to mention that conveyancer and solicitor both possess suitable work knowledge (rules and regulations of the state or territory) and they both have their own significance, but if a person go for a bit less costly option (one should go for the conveyancer instead of a solicitor). Legal work fellows! It sounds really nice to hire a lawyer Perth, conveyancer or a solicitor but in real this is a pain! Legal work is sometimes un-understandable for common people like us and then we just need to believe in whatever a stranger is saying to us. Believe it or not? Sometimes they just screw things badly just to make money (no offense to anybody) there are good and bad people in every occupation or profession. But there are some technical professions like: Doctors, Mechanics and Lawyers which need to be really responsible as they have the live of someone (which can be destroyed with just one careless or unwanted decision). If somebody is hiring one for something, it is definite that that one person doesn’t know anything about what he/she has hired someone. Try not to screw it in anyway mates!